به گزارش پروژه جوملا، جوملا 2.5.9 منتشر شد. با توجه به اینکه این یک نسخه امنیتی است، به کاربران جوملا توصیه می کنیم که سریعا به جوملا 2.5.9 بروزرسانی کنند. عمل بروزرسانی بسیار ساده و مثل نسخه های قبل است. بسته جوملا 2.5.9 فارسی جومیران و بسته بروزرسانی به جوملا 2.5.9 فارسی جومیران بزودی منتشر خواهد شد.

 وضعیت جوملا 2.5.9:

  • 1 باگ امنیتی برطرف شده است.
  • 22 مشکل در هسته حل شده است.

مشکلات امنیتی حل شده:

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مشکلات هسته حل شده:

Tracker Issues Fixed

ID Summary/Link
27709 Saving in backend very slow when many user groups. Thanks Elin.
29705 Blank login page J3.x beez3.
29999 Fix fatal error in JInstallerFile::uninstall(). Thanks Matias Griese.
28714 Authentication - Gmail: Apply Username suffix does not allow user to login with suffix already applied. Thanks Janich Rasmussen. 
30031 *Notice: Undefined index: title in /plugins/content/pagebreak/pagebreak.php on line 197. Thanks Bernard
29731 RSS feed gets corrupted when ampersand (&) or other escapable characters exist in Site Meta Description. Thanks Jan
29998 Problem with grid sort. Thanks Zhevron
28841 Username modification in frontend (Profile Edit) is not saved. Thanks Jisse Reitsma.
29904 *With plugin Language Filter enabled, user articles parameter in frontend shows all articles.
29848 UTF8 SEF URLs are causing browser too many redirects failures - additional patch. Thanks Nicholas
29964 Files upload problem
28778 Incorrect Rendering of Breadcrumb Trail for Home Page Sub-Items. Thanks James and Peter
29962 *303 when not using URL Language code in multilanguage - again. Thanks Yannick
29939 *Fatal error when displaying any Categories Menu item
29911 *Com_content feed read more links broken. Thanks Jurian
25337 site on unc path, path.php removes
29919 User Profile Plugin - Required field not enforced
29799 com_contacts - FormField Modal . Thanks Mark
29887 *Disable System redirect breaks 404.  Thanks Yannick
27903 invalid call to parent::getStoreId in getStoreId of NewsfeedsModelCategories (unused). Thanks Michael and Peter
29567 UTF8 SEF URLs are causing browser too many redirects failures. Thanks Dennis and Nicholas
29715 Submit an Article doesn't work. Thanks Jean-Marie.



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